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It has been found that today most of the buyers and sellers start their real estate journeys on the web.

Whether they want answers to their questions related to real estate, or they want to check the listings; people tend to go to the internet first before contacting a real estate agent.

This is why it has become extremely crucial to integrate advanced digital marketing strategies for selling and buying real estate in Halifax.

Here are the digital marketing strategies we use to sell your home quicker:

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Social Media:

Facebook and Twitter are simply great for interaction and promotion.

We create a Facebook page for your listing to give it the exposure that it needs. On your Facebook page, we post regular status updates to keep the buyers interested. We also share articles related to Halifax real estate on the page in order to answer the buyer’s questions before they even ask them. The Facebook page for your listing contains the information regarding the surrounding areas of your property so that it is easier for the buyer to make a buying decision. Everything we post on the Facebook page is optimized to gain the buyer’s interest.

On Twitter, we post regular tweets to share the current status of your property. We tag our tweets intelligently so that it reaches your targeted audience quickly and correctly. We also share the pictures of the property so that the buyers are fully aware of what they are going for.

Our website:

We have the website sellhalifaxrealestate.com especially for you. On the website, we publish your highly optimized listing so that our visitors can see it. The website is updated regularly with fresh content related to real estate trends in Halifax. We post articles to help buyers make a quick decision. Buyers usually have a lot of questions before they purchase a home in Halifax Regional Municipality. So, we have a real estate blog to answer their most common questions. The buyers can also contact us through the website when they have any question related to a listing on our website.

Some of the buyers are new to real estate, so, we have easy-to-understand information published on the website. This information is highly convincing, so it makes buyers quite comfortable with buying real estate in Halifax.

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Email Marketing:

We use auto responders/email marketing programs to keep in touch with the prospective buyers. We send them weekly newsletters which contain the properties just listed with us. The email marketing strategy is used to target the right audience, so we use surveys and questionnaires to first understand the types of properties people are interested in and then send them listings that match their needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

We make sure that your listing appears where buyers are searching for it. We optimize your listing with the right keywords that people are searching for in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We also publish your listing on other real estate websites on our network to boost the exposure in selling a house or property in Halifax

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