Luxury Living in Halifax: Condos for Sale at Sell Halifax Real Estate

Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is a prosperous city that boasts an extensive range of amenities and activities for its inhabitants. Its lively artistic and cultural community, compelling historical landmarks, and stunning natural surroundings offer something for everyone. Moreover, Sell Halifax Real Estate provides an array of luxurious condominiums for purchase that cater to the varying preferences of those

Halifax Home Buyers continue to STRUGGLE | Halifax Real Estate Market Update April 2023

Halifax Real Estate Market Experiences a Slow Start in 2023: Year-to-Date Analysis As another month has passed, it is necessary to provide another market update, including a year-to-date analysis from January 1st through the end of April. The real estate market in halifax has had an eventful start to 2023, with 1264 sales recorded so far this year, marking a


Importance of Reputation Management in SEO: Don’t Overlook the Basics When you’ve hired a company to do a variety of Search Engine Optimization services within your business, sometimes the basics are overlooked. Providers sometimes fail to remember the fundamentals while performing routine tasks. While yes, every little thing like on-page SEO as well as meta tags are necessary, so are


46% of consumers begin with search. Most of us have become aware of search engine optimization, but what is it? Search engine optimization means Look Engine Optimization. In layman’s terms, it is the method to ensure your website appears for pertinent on the internet search terms in one of the leading online search engine outcomes. Mentally, this is not a

Halifax Real Estate Market Update – March 2023 📈

Halifax Real Estate Market Report: Average Home Price in March Reaches $579,000. Hey everyone, it’s that time again. March has finished, so we want to check out the stats. It’s an interesting one, like we did a little bit more deep dive this time, so let’s see what it’s looking like. Hey everyone, Richard Payne here from Halifax Homes on

Introduction To Marketing | Marketing 101

If you’ve ever wanted to know: What marketing is, how it works and how it applies to your business, then stick with me, because in this episode I’m going to be breaking down exactly what marketing is, how it all works and why it’s such an important, if not the most important, element to business success. Let’s get to it.

Find Your New Home in Halifax

You Won’t Have to Look Far to Find Your New Home in Halifax With the Help of a Dedicated Real Estate Agent – 902-209-4761 | Johnny Dulong | The real estate professionals at Sell Halifax Real Estate are a knowledgeable and energetic team of real estate agents that  have the online resources and experience necessary to get you into your

Selling your home? Reporting is now required.

In detail Canada Revenue Agency administrative position A change in the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA’s) administrative position means that, if you sell your principal residence in 2016 or later years, you must report:  the sale (i.e. the date of acquisition, the proceeds of disposition and a description of the property), and  the principal residence designation, on your income

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