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The American Dream

JJ and I hosted a wonderful celebration for America'sIndependence Day, and we we're blessed to have many family and friends in attendance. We have many family members that have served and are currently serving our country, and we are immensely proud of them all.

As our family makes our transition to this self-sufficient (or at least partially self-sufficient) lifestyle, I spent much of the weekend thinking about the American Dream. The American Dream used to be a dream of freedom and prosperity for all Americans. In this age, I think the Dream has been cheapened to mean bigger houses, flashier cars, and the newest electronic gadgets. People are breaking themselves to keep up with the Jones-es, with much financial and emotional expense.

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Of course I wasn't around in 1776, but I would like to think our Founding Fathers had a different Dream in mind. I like to think the true American Dream is about prosperity of all kinds - generosity, love, family, friends, food, health, financial enterprise, and kindness. I choose to believe that as long as I have a husband that kisses me every night and kids that like to help their neighbors, I'm living the rich life. This is the American Dream I chase.

I don't need the expensive things, but I won't be a hypocrite and deny that I don't enjoy my new car that runs much better than the last clunkers we had. I sure do hate that monthly bill though. And it certainly would be nice to be able to pay off those old student loans so we can save that money to travel and explore the world. I find myself weighing each dollar I spend against it's immediate and long-term benefit, with the ultimate goal of getting us out of the rat race. I would like to get back to a lifestyle in whichwe can focus our time on making memories instead of making payments.

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