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Seller financing

Many note sellers, Realtors and investors who have created seller financing to facilitate the sale of real estate unknowingly believe they have done the right thing by making the balloon payment due in a short period of time such as one to three years out from the origination date.

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Nationwide, Balloon Payment Guideline

You should keep the balloon at least 5 years out from the origination date. In the interim, do everything in your power to help the payor refinance and pay off before the balloon due date.

Experienced mortgage note investors (private and institutional) know

that if the buyer/payor cannot qualify for typical bank financing, FHA or VA financing at the time of purchase, those buyers will probably NOT qualify to refinance in a year and most likely will not qualify in the next three years, due to the current distressed real estate market.

A good mortgage broker can make the day

With the help of my mortgage broker here in Springs we have pre-qualified acouple of hundred seller finance prospects for myself and my associates, since the spring of 2006.

In my opinion, based on past experience, over 98% of the purchasers who do not qualify for typical bank financing today will not qualify to refinance in a year and of the remainder, a large percentage will not qualify to refinance in 3 years.

Mostly due to the large numbers of foreclosures, bankruptcies and restrictive lending requirements combined with the our high unemployment rates, nationwide.

For a positive seller financed experience, it is imperative

That you pre-qualify your buyers with a knowledgeable/experienced and full time professional mortgage broker.

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