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Baby Shower Checklist You Need To Know

Hosting a baby shower requires more detailed plans. You have to find the right date to hold a baby shower, and also determine the appropriate decorations and themes. Key to the success in hosting a baby shower is a technical and time planning. And you have to calculate the budget to the details, so you can hosting a better baby shower. Here is baby shower checklist you need to know

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Baby Shower Checklist :Date and Place

The first thing in baby shower checklist is date and place.If you want to specify the exact date, it is important that you consider the best date for the mom-to-be, and her friends and family. Try to avoid the holiday period, especially the three-day weekend, because usually in those moments, people often go out of town. Once you find the exact date, specify the location. Baby showers are usually held at the hostess's house, but you can also hold a baby shower in other places, such as restaurants, city parks etc. You have to determine the right place eight weeks before the event held.

Baby Shower Checklist :Guests and Invitations

When you specify the venue, you have to estimate the number of guests you will invite. If this isn't a surprise party, ask the guest list to the mom-to-be. If you are planning to throw a surprise party, then close friends and family had to make the guest list. Send invitations six weeks before the event, so that the guests have enough time to arrange schedules and buy gifts.

Baby Shower Checklist :Decorations and Themes

And the next important thing in baby shower checklist are decoration and themes.Determine the right theme for the baby shower. There are some classic ideas to theme a baby shower, for baby boy, you can use vintage theme, for baby girl, use a tea party theme, for gender-neutral, use the theme of baby ducks, and for the twins you can use the theme two peas in a pod . Or you can specify your own favorite theme. After finding the right theme, you can determine the appropriate decorations, such as color selection, tableware, centerpieces, etc.

Baby Shower Checklist :Menu Foods

You should prepare the food menu in accordance with your budget, and number of guests invited. You do not have to prepare a sit-down meal, the appetizers are enough.

Baby Shower Checklist :Activities and Gifts

And the finally, the last important thing in baby shower checklist is activities and gifts.Wherever you are hosting a baby shower, you need games to make atmosphere more enjoyable . There are many choices of baby shower games that you can play, do not forget to prepare small gifts for the winners.

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