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Mini-Breakfast Burrito (breakfast 09/16/08)

Clearly I am feeling deprived of Mexican food. To use up some of the leftover ingredients from last night, and because it just sounded good, I decided to make a breakfast burrito this morning. Since it is breakfast, however, I wanted only one serving of grains, which is equal to a 6-inch tortilla. Do you know how small this is?! I mean, I know that portions of food these days are out of control, but a 6-inch tortilla is SMALL. I am always so shocked when I do this that this time I took a photo of the cut-out so you can see what I am talking about:

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Yeah. Yay me. Last night's tortilla was 8", which is smaller than the one pictured here. So my new, figure-friendly tortilla is about 90 calories, which seems acceptable for breakfast. The brand I am in love with back at home is La Tortilla Factory, who do mini and giant tortillas that are low cal and insanely high in fiber and protein. You California girls know what I'm talking about.

Ok so then, using a little non-stick spray, I scrambled one Omega-3 egg up with a little 1% milk (only had one egg left but I may have to go buy more to make this again this week) and then mixed it up with about 90 kcal's worth of Mexican shredded cheese and topped it with a little salsa.

Plus an orange, both for scale of the mini-breakfast burrito, and to satiate my weird egg/orange coupling requirement.

Folks, this was SO GOOD. Maybe it's just because I rarely have Mexican food. Maybe it's the dreamy mango peach salsa. I don't know. All I know is that I am doing this again. Very soon. And the burrito itself was only about 300 calories!

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