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I'm sure that most of you have a place where you store and hoard away ideas for a rainy day. I, personally, use Evernote, and I find myself flipping to it every so often, feverishly writing down the burgeoning idea in my head. I have a whole notebook full of them, and ideas seem to come to me every day. Not every one is a winner, but you can always count on them showing up.

I'm currently reading Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?, and he said that ideas are easy to get but acting on them is hard. This was like an epiphany to me. Yes, I have ideas swirling around in my head all the time, but I don't actually write them all. In fact, the act of creating from those ideas is particularly hard. Again, Seth tells us what hard work actually is. Hard work isn't working up a sweat in his mind. It is working up the courage to face your fears.

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And I guess this is why the doing part of the equation is so hard for me. I wonder about rejection, it's true. I also worry about succeeding. It's funny to be afraid of success, though, because that's what most people say they want. I realize that if I succeed, I will be asked to reproduce what I did initially. Can I do it? Do I want to do it?

For this reason, I have been focusing on what it takes to be a writer. You know, when you read bios of people who have published novels or short stories, they have TONS of titles to their name. Me? Not so much. I've written a handful of novels and short stories. It is obviously not for lack of ideas that I haven't written more. It's plain, unadulterated fear mostly of failure and rejection, but of success, too.

I think that one of the primary lessons we learn as writers is how to overcome the difficulty of doing. Like a newbie standing on a high dive, we just have to force our feet to leave that platform and plunge into the unknown. Oddly, every story, every book, every article is like plunging into the unknown. Sure, I've written things before, but never THIS. Can I do it? How will it sound? Was everything I wrote in the past one huge fluke? Insane, but part of the chatter in a writer's mind.

One more thing on ideas before I go. You know, I love the Beatles. So many memorable and catchy songs. I read in Paul McCartney's biography that he and John didn't write down any lyrics or song ideas. They would work every day and try to remember the song from the previous day. If they couldn't remember it, what made them think that anyone else would? Of course, they are geniuses, so maybe it's different for them. However, if an idea doesn't call you back to it or stick in your mind, maybe there is a reason. Maybe it isn't memorable, and you need to focus your efforts on something that just screams for attention.

Anyone out there have trouble with ideas? What are some of your strategies? How do you overcome the inevitable hard part of actually putting those ideas into use? Motivation fascinates me, so I'm eager to hear how other writers do it.

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