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Historical battlefields

This purpose of this blog is to examine historical battlefields in today's context. The geography, what is still left, what can be seen, what artifacts remain. Contributions in the form of experiences, comments, background, and photos are highly encouraged.

OK So What's This Blog All About?

I've been interested in military history for as long as I can remember. Like many boys I grew up reading books, watching war movies, playing games, and generally immersing myself in all things military. It's been a life-long passion. With the Internet and all the tools and information that can be obtained now, it makes exploring history even more interesting. So with that background, I've found myself these past few years reading a memoir or historical narrative on some particular battle, and wanting more. More information, more maps, more stories, more pictures, and more of an ability to see how things were, and how things are today. That's what this blog is all about. I have these dreams of visiting these sites one day, of going to Iwo Jima and Peleliu, of walking along the factory area of the Volga in Stalingrad, of visiting Bastone, the Seelow Heights, and so many other places. But the reality is that work, family, finances and finally the sheer number of them make that impossible. So in place of visiting them myself, the next best option is to use the web and a community of like-minded people to do the next best thing. My hope is to develop some interest and a community around this idea, and get people who are local to these areas or who are going on a trip to provide very targeted, on-the-ground pictures and narrative of the terrain as it exists today. This vision then explains the seeminglycontradictorytitle of my blog - Military History Today.

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So how is this going to work? Well that remains to be seen somewhat, but here's my thoughts so far. I find when I'm reading a book I also take time to research the battle on the web, look at the terrain in Google Earth, overlay maps, pictures, in it as well to get a sense of the terrain and where key locations are situated (yes I'm a geography geek as well as a history geek), and that leads me to pictures, and other places. It really fills out the story and provides so much more depth to it. So I decided to start this blog to post the information I'm already digging up, and encourage others to contribute. I know too many other mil-geeks like me who would enjoy this. So I see picking a topic and then diving in for a while to see what we can find - kind of like exploring. It should be fun and certainly interesting.

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