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An Impressive Concept and the Story Behind the Story

Are you keeping up to date? What appears to be the latest buzzword at the moment, infographics is taking the IM world by storm and I decided that it was time to investigate.

So what are infographics? Having been a graphic designer for many years, the term wasnt entirely new to me but whereas it used to be generic in meaning in the past, it now refers to something quite specific.

Infographics is a way of disseminating information in a very visual way.Instead of text and images presented side by side, infographics (usually) takes a more sophisticated approach and displays text and images as a fully integrated representation of information.

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I have for some time now been becoming aware that a cultural shift is taking place in the way we absorb (or are prepared to absorb), information.

Our attention span and focus is apparently altering to be able to deal with many small and varied bits of information more quickly, at the expense of possibly losing the mental stamina required for lengthier and deeper periods of concentration. This is supposition on my part, but based on perceived evidence eg how we communicate with each other and how media is now presented to us. Nearly everything seems to be delivered in small, easily digestible chunks and infographics is a means of doing just that.

So what does it mean for internet marketing? Well I for one think that the days of the long product offer sales pages are on the way out. They have changed for the better recently in that they are now mostly of a more up-to-date design with better layout and more engaging typography and in some instances are shorter than they used to be. But even now I sometimes despair at the length of some of them and find myself unable to read them through to the end. I understand that they are following the conventions of advertising copywriting laid down many, many decades ago, but in view of my observations above I think that they are going to have to change further and infographics might be the beginning of that change.

Thats not to say that they will necessarily replace sales pages as they are currently, but with a little more evolution, or used in combination with a reduced sales page format, I'm predicting that they will become an extremely versatile sales aid.

At the moment they are being used to great effect by Chris Munch alongside of his HookPages product which he has been demonstrating since it's launch earlier this month.

HookPages is available as both a WordPress Plugin and Web App that you can use from your browser. Using infographics, it enables both WordPress and Non-WordPress users to create ultra-minimalistic landing pages and spread content across the web quickly.

I have just finished watching a recording of a webinar hosted by Sean Donahue, in which Chris shows case studies demonstrating just what can be achieved. Its very, very impressive. Check it out as soon as you can.

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